Connecting CISCO CUCM into paging system?

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Hello Experts,

We currently have a CISCO CUCM 8 voip phone system. I have been researching a few different methods of establishing an overhead paging system.

I have looked at Singlewire however their licensing seems very pricey. We also don't have IP PLUS multicast licensing from CISCO either.

We are leaning more toward a more traditional speaker and amplifier system. We have multiple floors so at least 2 different zones are needed. We have free FXO/FXS ports but no E&M ports.

I have been looking at Cyberdata's Paging Amplifier and connecting it to an amplifier and speakers.

Does anyone know of any other products that might work also?

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I have used a Valcom 3000 in my past.   I needed an FXS port that was configured with PLAR.  It worked great for overhead paging.
We looked at several different ways to interface to provide a paging system. The IP stuff is cool but for as often as it is used and it's insane pricing, we just could not justify the expense. The 70 volt paging systems have been around for years and are well proven. The parts are cheap and readily available. The only real downside is connecting it to a modern IP phone system. To do this we used a Grandstream BT200 telephone. Our Asterisk/FreePBX system provided the ability to do paging/intercom using the speaker phones. By using the BT200 and plugging the 2.5mm headset jack into the Bogen using a cable from Radio Shack, we now have the 160,000 warehouse on a separate zone. The BT200 is available for $40-$50. The cable is normally stocked at Radio Shack and has an attenuator built in.

Unfortunately Grandstream has discontinued them


Thanks Experts.

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