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Setting up hp media vault on OSX snow leopard

Andy6350 used Ask the Experts™

I have moved over from windows to mac OS, however i cant seem to find out how to setup my hp media vault mv5000 to work?

Hope someone can help


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If you have the IP address of the media vault then you can connect via SMB from your macintosh.

From the Finder.. ..Go (menu) Connect to Server...
In this window that opens, in the Server Address bar type:
smb://[ip address]/[shared volume]
enter password if you have one set
This should mount the share on your desktop.
If you cannot see the share on the desktop, check the Finder preferences (Finder menu; Preferences) and make sure the Connected Servers in the general section is ticked.

If you want this mapped at login then drag this share icon into your login items [open System Preferences; Accounts section; login items] - drag the icon directly from the desktop and drop it into the login items.

Any problems then report back.


Excellent, thank you very much