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I am the new IT guy in the company. The one I replaced is gone and I don't know if he named the OUs on AD. When I got in, I can not add new user on SBS console. The message is "The user account cannot be added. Ensure that the "Active Directory Domain Services" Service is running. If this servies is running, it may be busy and therefore unable to add the user account. Try to run this taskagain later." Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? thanks
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i assume you are adding user using Active directory users and computers, if yes then this is important to know whether this server is itself a primary AD or a additional AD server


The following MS article may be of help:


@bawer, it's the primary AD. I want the add new useer on SBS console but it doesn't work. So,I can only add user on the AD and Exchange. I want to use SBS console so that i could only do it once to both and properties are set at once. I read on another forum that the reason for this error message is because the OUs might have had renamed. Unfortunately, I don't really know if they were renamed or what. If they are renamed, which right now i don't have any idea what the original names were, Is there any work around to make it work?

@Netflo, I also read that but it seems like not applicable right now. Thank you anyways.

In which case, install and run the SBS 2008 BPA, this will get your AD back in order and everything should be working again as expected.

Download from here:

It seems that previous IT guy changed the name of the OU "My Business" to something else.

Navigate to AD Users and Computers > and check if "MyBusiness" container is renamed by previous IT guy.

Renaming the container back to MyBusiness, it should be fix the problem.


Hi Again,

In SBS server, it stores USers, computers and security groups information under the "My Business" container, It should be present under your domain in ADUC.

Check the attached image:

Point to note, if it was installed with SBS 2008 SP1 media it will be My Business, if installed with SP2 media it will be MyBusiness.

In any case the SBS Best Practise Analyser will inform you of what the correct values will be rather than trial and error. Plus you will get your server sorted according to best practices, happy days!

Hi, did any of the solutions mentioned help?

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