where does DNS  keep my dictation file

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I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 and Windows 7:
I want to reformat my computer, but I don't want to lose my dictation file that DNS has learned. what is this file called? Where is it stored?
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Did you search the Dragon NaturallySpeaking site: http://www.nuance.com/support/index.htm ?


If you didn't set it to a custom location, try here:

C:\program files\dragon systems\NaturallySpeaking\users[your user]

If you have made a backup, you can also check here:
C:\program files\dragon systems\NaturallySpeaking\users[your user]\backup

Hope this helps.

Oops, for version 10, you may need to try here instead.

Sorry about the inconvenience, the other was from an old installation that probably doesn't apply in your case.  


ee reach: Please double check your directory names.  I get close on some of them but I can't find the file still.  My user name is "dwcronin".  Thanks.

Sorry, I don't have any better info than that.   Although I the installer said they used the default in our case, maybe someone custom installed our copy instead.  (We've got a new IT guy so he doesn't know the history.).

Unfortnately, we are now up to 11.x, so I can't check the specifics on 10.x.

However, here are two ideas:
1. I think you can find this info on the dragonbar - although that may also depend on your version vs ours.
2. If not, try giving their Technical Support team a call: 407-241-1822  Monday-Friday, 9am to 8pm (EST/EDT)

Sorry I don't have any more info than this.
Kind regards,

Actually, one other idea.  Try running windows search and look for your username.  Restrict the search to the NaturallySpeak or Nuance folders.  It may show up that way.  Or maybe it thinks your user name is slightly different - eg., cronin instead of dwcronin.

Hope this helps and sorry I can't be of more assistance.


HTH: I tried looking at their site, but I am having trouble finding the name for the directory of the file. I also do not know what the file is called.

ee reach: I had not thought of Windows search. I am still not entirely comfortable with Windows 7 as compared to XP and so searching is little bit harder. I'll go search more anyway. I also have a question about Dragon 11 but I'll put that in a different question instead of adding it to this one.


it doesn't fully answer the question but since they are using a different version of Dragon then I am, it is as good as can be expected. I will go hunt more.

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