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We are looking to replace our Exchange 2003 server.  I'm open to any option at this point.  Here are some things that are important to us:

- delegates - executive assistants sending on behalf, viewing cal, contacts, etc
- shared contacts - these are contacts outside the GAL, common external contacts for use across organization, accessible from smart phones!!!
- multiple domains - we have several separate organizations on the same server
- Outlook integration
- shared calendars

I could go with Exchange 2010, although I would probably go a hosted route.  I could go Zimbra, but I don't know enough about it.

The problems - execs are really used to delegates accessing their accounts.  Users are used to public folders (central calendar and contacts).

Any suggestions?  I just could go with Exchange and be done...but it is just such a beast, which is why I'm looking into alternatives or hosted Exchange.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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Have you considered GMail?
Especially good if you have more than one office or working location.

We've just moved to it and I like. it!

In fact I've been able to get rid of Windows completely in favor of a Linux desktop, now that I don't need Outlook.
That whole issue of software licensing is just gone.
Of course that won't suit everyone but it suits me just fine.

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