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How do I change a value in a row - data displayed in a combobox

I've created a combobox and filled the data with values from a named range, called "Kunden_mit_Adresse". Here is my code:

    'Set reference to the range of data to be filled
    Set rngSourceKunde = Worksheets("Kunden").Range("Kunden_mit_Adresse")
    'Fill the listbox
    Set lbtarget = Me.lstKundenListe
    With lbtarget
        'Determine number of columns
        .ColumnCount = 6
        'Set column widths
        .ColumnWidths = "0;130;110;20;0;20"
        'Insert the range of data supplied
        .List = rngSourceKunde.Cells.Value
    End With

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As you can see, I've created several textboxes. When a customer is selected from the combobox, I wish the data to be displayed in the textfields and be able to change the values (in the spreadsheet).  See attached spreadsheet example.

My goal is that a customer's data can be changed with an Excel userform.


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hi ukerandi

It somehow doesn't work. I checked your code:

Private Sub KundeSuchen()
Dim lng As Long
Dim i As Integer

    On Error Resume Next
    lng = frm_daten.ListBox1.Column(5)
End Sub

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Private Sub lstKundenListe_Click()
txtKundenName.text = lstKundenListe.text

MsgBox lstKundenListe.text
End Sub

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It seems that lstKundenListe.text retrieves the customer's name only. What do I need to do to get, for example, the address? Your code would really help me a lot, as it helps me with other forms I have created.

Thank you
sorry didn't work :-(
i just saw ure email,