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1) I have enterprise network (consisting of LAN 1 and LAN 2)
- LAN 1:
- LAN 2:
2) DC1
- It is a domain controller (Windows 2003, DNS server, DHCP servers, Wins server)
- Located at LAN 1
- Its IP is
- The domain is boba.com

3) DC2
-It is a replica domain controller [Windows 2003, Backup of DNS server, Backup of DHCP server, Wins server (replication partner with DC1)]
-Its IP is

4) XP1
- It is a client machine (Windows XP)
- It gets the IP address from DHCP servers
- It is at LAN 1

5) Centos_5
- It is a linux Machine (OS is Centos 5.3)
- It is at LAN 1
- The assigned IP address is
- Its DNS servers (or name servers are DC1 and DC2)
- I put the  DNS record at the DNS server of DC1 for this Centos_5

- It is a Routing and Remote Access Server
- It is a stand alone machine (Workgroup; it is not in the domain)

6) XP2
-It is a client machine
-It is at LAN 2

7) The Status
- From any machine, I can ping Centos_5 by its IP address (
- From Centos_5, I can ping DC1 (by its name "DC1"), Dc2, XP1, etc

8) The Goal: To check the Firewall status of this Centos_5

9) Action:
- I am at [root@CENTOS_5 ~]#
- I type in: iptables --list
- The message: "bash : iptables : command not found"

10) Any help?

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