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What's the best way to RDT within macs (from mac to mac)? A quick google shows Apple - Remote Desktop 3 at $79.99. Is a paid version the answer?
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Mac has screen sharing built in. No need for third party app.:  http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-10329122-263.html
Hi mpaert!

I assume you mean RDP - the windows tool used for remote login?
If so - when it comes to similar features on OSX, a VNC client and server is built in.
The server for this is set up through Preferences - under 'Sharing' - N.B. Be sure to add a password for access.
The client is used by launching the Screen Sharing application, or directly from the finder. Select 'G0' -> 'Connect to', or press [Apple]+[K] in the finder and type the address as VNC://<server IP or hostname>
If RDP is a must (to connect to windows machines without VNC) use the official Microsoft RDP Client for Mac - http://www.microsoft.com/mac/remote-desktop-client - freeware and reasonably fully-featured.
I personally use and like Apple Remote Desktop as I manage a small armada of OSX desktops, but if you are working with 1-5 other machines in a home or SME Business Environment it isprobably not your best option.


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