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Is there some way I can display a value when a formula assesses an unlinked field?

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I have a report which has 2 tables in it - Sick Leave and Sick Leave Taken.

The 'Sick Leave' table contains all the employee info, and the 'Sick Leave Taken' contains any leave that has been taken.

In my report I have a field which calculates the leave taken using the data from the 'Sick Leave Taken' field. I then have another formula which uses this result (plus a few other totals) to give a final outcome.

Currently, if there hasn't been any leave taken, nothing displays in the 'leave taken' field. This means that when I calculate my 'final total' (which incorporates this field), if the 'leave taken' field is blank, nothing shows at all in my final total.

Is there any way to get around this ie by maybe using linkages or formulas?? The database is currently linked using a 'left outer join' - not enforced.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The Not Enforced does not matter.  That just tells Crystal if there are no fields from the linked table in the report to ignore the join.  A Left Outer Join does essentially the same thing.

I don't know how you are calculating Leave Taken but wen you use te field use this idea

If IsNull(LeaveTakenField}) then
  Your Calculation formula

You will then have 0 as the value if no leave is taken and your display will sow 0.



Capital B for Brilliant. A spot on easy to follow answer.