Exchange Snap in for Active Directory (Windows 7)

georgemihailovski used Ask the Experts™

Has anyone successfully been able to add exchange tasks in windows 7 desktop machines?

I can add the admin tool packs to do password resets and other tasks - however I can't seem to be able to add the exchange tasks (an exchange admin pack doesn't seem to exist).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you installed exchange management tools for Exchange media ? or RSAT for windows 7...
you need to install them from exchange media.. like DVD or ISO file.


Could someone please give me the steps ?
I couldn't find it on the microsoft site.

Although I don't have the discs - I am sure our server people would have them.
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What version of Exchange management Tools do you want to install and what architecture of Windows 7 do you have? If you are trying to install Exchange admin tools for Exchange 2003 server on Windows 7 x32 then follow these steps  Exchange-2003-Tool-for-Windows-7.pdf


I have Windows 7 as the desktop machine. I am trialing this at our service desk.

I need to have the Exchange snap in tools (management tools) installed.

In Windows XP this was fairly easy as You could just download the Exchange System Management tools and the snap in was available (ie, when you want to right click on a user in Active Directory and run Exchange tasks or perhaps you want to see the Email addresses tab).

In Windows 7, The exchange management tools pack doesn't seem to want to install on the desktop.
It wants to make adjustments to the schema - surely this is incorrect.

I am yet to find working information on how to get this to happen. In the next year we are moving everyone in our service desk to Windows 7 so it is important they have some basic exchange snap in tools to complete simple tasks.


The workaround by using the Exchange tools for vista did work but it's not the recommended solution.

It worked anyway. Thanks for the advice.

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