SBS 2011 OAB errors on clients

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  I just did a W2K3 to SBS 2011 migration. It went very well with one exception. Users are getting Sync errors 8004010F in their Outlook 2003. I am almost sure it is a permissions problem because when I log in to their workstations as the Domain Administrator I do not get these errors.

   I have seen articles on setting permissions on the OAB I just can't figure out where to do it in SBS 2011 and Exchange Manager. Can someone walk me through it and give me some guideance on what rights the users need?
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More than likely this is a problem with your public folders.  But try this PowerShell command and see if it resolves the issue:

Set-OABVirtualDirectory -Identity "CLIENTSERVER\OAB (Default Web Site)" -InternalURL

Note you must change the CLIENTSERVER to the name of your server and change to the name you use for OWA.

Please refer to my FAQ: for other tweaks you might need to implement.


Need a little more help on that command. the server bame is sbsdc and the dimain is imelins.local

I tried the above command and got 'Set-OABVirtualDirectory" is not a recognized command

You need to run that command from the Exchange Management Shell.

You need to use your external domain name not the .local address.

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