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How to find where applications are storing there settings

I am in the process of installing thin clients and we are using appsense to capture the users data and settings but i am having some issues with a few of my apps,

Is there a easy way to find where the applications are storing there settings? Registry/INI or xml?

We are windows 7 pro
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You will need to apply an appropriate filter to ProcMon (which is what I use myself for that purpose), and make sure you have "Drop filtered events" ticked, else ALL events are stored in memory, no matter if your filter applies or not.
Best filter is always either a file name or registry path (both with "path", "contains") or a process name. I then set Highlight to what I think one of the settings is called like, so you can spot that almost in an instant.
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Thanks for your help, just what i was looking for
My hint hasn't been useful at all?