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Microsoft Lync Problem with Outlook

TAMSCODAN used Ask the Experts™
I am unable to schedule a Linc Appointment through Outlook 2007. Error states: Unable to identify the calendar owner.
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Is the users SIP address the same as the email address?


See the error below. I don't even get to choose anyone. I just wanted to make an invite.
That is helpful.  Did you ever find out if that users email address is the same as their SIP address?
This can also be due to an incorrect SMTP address.  For example...

If my Lync SIP address is john.doe@domain.com and my email address is jdoe@domain.com it will not resolve correctly.  This can also occur if your email is from a POP3 account.


My Lync accont is with Microsoft subscripcion such as daniel.santos@danielsantos.onmicrosoft.com, i am logged into Lync and looks like the app installed on my outlook as you may see. Yes I do have a POP account that I use. So are you saying that I need to add this microsoft email box on my outlook?


got it to work!!! had to add the subscription account to my outlook and it added it as exchange, then I was able to create the invites using the Microsoft subscription account!!! Thanks a million!!!
You bet TAMSCODAN.  Glad to help.  Have a great day!

So are you saying that even though you did not have exchange as part of your office 365 account you were able to add it to outlook like you did and once you did this it worked correctly?

What i have is a customer with a imap/pop account for email but they want to use Lync for meetings and get that error in creating lync events.