accessing the Page.routedat, url in 4.0

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I have a route setup in the Global.asax as :

routes.MapPageRoute("ChangePassword", "ChangePassword", "~/secure/acChangePwd.aspx")

When I am in this page, I want to access the "ChangePassword" from the route.

My url looks like : http://localhost:3030/ChangePassword.

From this I want to extract "ChangePassword" . How can I do it using Page.routedata.

Please help; thanks
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string data = Page.RouteData.Values["ChangePassword"]

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ChangePAssword is not to query string / routevalue. It is part of the URL. Sorry may be I was not clear.
Let me try my question again with another example:
routes.MapPageRoute("OrderHistory", "OrderHistory/{StatusID}", "~/secure/acOrderHistory.aspx", False, New RouteValueDictionary(New With {.StatusID = ""}))

HEre, I do not want to fetch the statusID, I want to fetch the "OrderHistory" I am trying to figure out in which page, I am inside a user control that is used in several pages. Thanks
Can you explain what are you trying to fetch from OrderHistory? Also OrderHistory is a user control?
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Did you try




Ok I have a user control that I drop in 5 different pages.

I want my user control to find out which page I am in and I want to assign this as the header to the page by assigning this to a label like :

lblHeaderText.text = page.routedata.something

Based on which page I am in I want the label to read "OrderHistory" or "Address" or "AccountSettings"


you can use Request.Url.AbsoluteUri to get u the full path of the page you are in

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