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When I install Visual Studio, does it include sql server express instance?
I guess so, then can we set the username(sa) and password?

In other words, does the installation include only partial sql server express?
What are included, what are not included?

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I don't think so.

I think you will have to download and install sql server express separately.

You can, however, upgrade your sql server express during vs installation but not new sql server express install as far as I know.
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting
A full vs install will include SQL server but you get no control over the options. I much prefer to install sqlexpress 2008r2 manually first. Then when you install vs it will see SQL is there already and no mess with it.
Database Architect - Dba - Data Scientist
<<I guess so, then can we set the username(sa) and password?>>
To my knowledge, VS installs the engine and grants sysadmin rights to the current session.  To create further logins,  you need to install SSMS Express on your current sesssion, connect to the express instance and create the login.

Hope this helps...

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