Canon copier network issues

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Hi Experts,

I've got 2 Canon copiers at the office: iR C3200 and iR4570. They've been working fine, but after I was troubleshooting "scan to shared folder" and "Scan to CIFS", something happened, and now I can't "Scan to Email" anymore.

I can ping from the copier anywhere on the LAN (, but can't ping the Gateway at Also, can't ping Google DNS at

I've tried the following:
-checked Canon Copiers IP, Subnet mask (/16), Gateway:
- tried restarting them...
- Office desktops are able to go online, and ping Gateway and Google DNS, so it's a problem with Copier settings...
- Both Canon copiers are able to scan to the Shared Folder and CIFS

Please help. What settings should I check?

Thank you in advance!
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this sounds like a cop out but why don't you just do a factory settings restore.


I hope I won't have to do that. There's a lot of Adress Book entries in the copier, and I wouldn't want to re-configure it from the scratch...

Any other suggestions?
If you can ping other devices on network but not your gateway, you seem to have a setting messed up somewhere. Possibly you erased your email settings? It's tricky not knowing exactly what you did. Trust me on this, don't spend half a day trying to figure it out when you could wipe the settings and rebuild in less time.

You can backup your address book to file.

To export address book to file: Open web browser and type in copiers IP address. Click on Additional Functions -> Import/Export -> Address Book -> Export. Assuming the working entries are in book 01, leave it at Custom Format and click Start Export.
The issue turned out to be the wrong Subnet mask. I used Class C on the copiers, but server, router and all other workstations are Class B. I switched everything to Class B and all good. thanks for the suggestions!


Was able to find the solution myself. Thank you for the suggestions!

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