Exchange 2007 Mailbox Database is Dismounted

crjaq used Ask the Experts™
Please HELP!
Working for a new company that is opening its doors.
The mailbox database is currently dismounted.
The database is full and I'm not able to connect to the First Storage Group.
The data drive has no available space.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Just check the event viewer and send provide the relevant event id details.

Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

"the data drive has no available space"

Please check the event viewer for the following events (You can filter the logs) :
Event Id – 9539 & 9175 will be generated during store dismount ,
Event Id 482 will generate in case if the exchange store is dismounted due to low disk space.
Event Id 9688,89,90 will generate in case your database has exceeds the limit

a) Do you have logs and DB on the same partition ?

If yes, copy them over to an external storage or to another disk(s)
Try to mount the DB from the new location

b) If NOT then do you have Hard Disk space on the same server or an iSCSI storage on your LAN ?

If you can add storage to your server, copy your db to a separate partition and logs to a separate partition, mount the DB from there.

It should have been monitored for low disk space - DB can also get dismounted if the LOGs Drive / Partition is running out of space or low disk space -

If you have a exchange-aware BACKUP application that should truncate your Exchange logs.

Please tell us : how many partitions you have on your Exchange server ?
Do you store DB and Logs separately on different Partition ?
Top Expert 2011

"the data drive has no available space", indicates the drive where your database is on is full

Like mutahir give you some possibillities, if you are not sure what is filling your disk space, run a program like treesize free or windirstat on your server partitions it will indicates where the space all is gone to. Maybe you will see some possibillitis yourself other wise post the out come and we could give you help where to move what to.

When there is enough diskspace free you must be able to mount the database it shutdowns automtical without enough diskspace to prevent corruption.
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alternate solution is use eseutil tool for defragmentaion database, exchnage database generaly dont get size down already you delete some mails on mailboxes, you can use defrag option for make database size smaller

eseutil /d "c:\C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Mailbox\(mailboxdatabasefolder)\mailboxname.edb" /t d:\temp.edb
you can use this command for defrag to database,  /t key for define diffirent loction for temp file because you need %110 disk space than current database size. you must use diffirent location if you dont have disk space on current database partition.

Top Expert 2011

if you want to go for the defragmentation you must be sure there is available "white space" in the database otherwise this will not bring you anywhere and defragging the database cost a lot of time.

Look in the event log for a event id 1221 for the Mailbox Database and see how much free space is noted. The amount given there is the space that will be given back to the file system when offline defrag mentation is finsihed.


The .edb and logs are all located on a single partition D:\ drive on the exchange server.
None of the events were listed in the logs.
Have you got other partitions / disks on your server ?
Do you Backup your Exchange Server ? Which Backup Application do you use?
What is the size of the total Partition where Exchange DB / Logs are located ?
What is the size of your mailbox database .EDB file ?
What is the size of the LOGS folder ?


If you have another Partition or DISK which can house your EDB or LOGS - then copy either one of them to the new location, specify that PATH in your Exch. Mgmt. Console for the new LOGS location. Then cut / paste those log files to a external drive and see if your STORE MOUNTs. it should if it have enough space left.

DO NOT Delete your LOGS at any cost !


Thanks for the sound advice! I'll get the rest of the info. and post it soon.
Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

Hi crjaq,

I am assuming the issue has been resolved at your end, kindly update this post as this will help other people in the future.

Did you moved logs to another folder or the DB ?
Did you then specified the new path for your DB or logs ?

Was it just the above or any further steps - your sharing would be helpful for other users.

Have a good week and weekend ahead


I'll be moving the DB this weekend on the NAS and report back
Thank you for your support!


I'm able to mount the DB now after moving it to the SAN.
And able to connect to all the mailboxes.
Thank you for your support!

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