copy specific values (inside brackets) from one cell to another in excel

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I have a field (A1) with text in it for example:

|         A1            |           B1           |
|website (ben)     |                          |

So I want to copy just the content of the () in to cell B1

|         A1            |        B1          |
|website (ben)     |       ben          |

is this possible to do with a macro, (not just a formula) I want to "install" the macro into Excel so the admin girl can easily paste content from project management application into excel and then run the macro (with ease) which copies the required content into a new field
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If you select the cell and run the following macro it will put the contents of the parenthesis to the right of the cell.
Sub extparen()
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = Mid(ActiveCell, InStr(ActiveCell, "(") + 1, InStr(ActiveCell, ")") - InStr(ActiveCell, "(") - 1)
End Sub

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