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How do I create clickable footnotes & endnotes in a PDF converted from a Word Document

PTRUSCOTT used Ask the Experts™
Dear Experts,
I have to submit a document to an academic journal that uses clickable footnotes in the PDF version of the journal file.  For example, if you have  a footnote at the end of the sentence with a super-scripted number "1" at the end of the sentence it will appear in blue (rather than the main text which is black in this case).  You can click the blue super-scripted number and jump to the bottom of the page.

The document uses a similar process for end notes.   Suppose you are quoting a book my Alf Johnson in 1997 you would see this in the text (Johnson 1997) only the 1997 would appear in blue.  You can click on it and jump to that reference in the bibliography.  The trick is that the bibliography is sorted in alphabetic order of the author's surname BUT only the YEAR ONLY is highlighted in the reference in the body of your article?  Any ideas how to do this?

So far I have followed the advice on the Adobe Web site to turn on style formatting.  Specifically I went to the Adobe Tab in MS Word 2007.  I clicked preferences --> bookmarks and checked on the style for my bookmarks.  On conversion to PDF my footnote numbers are still dead text.  Is there any intermediate step I need to take to make my references active?  

Best Wishes,

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Hi PTruscott,

It seems that Word 2007 will only generate the hyperlinks for footnotes if you Save As an html file. But I don't know how to generate a pdf file from the html file while conserving these links.



Dear Paul,
Can you suggest a more suitable forum to post this question?  It seems that nobody on Experts Exchange has a solution to this.

Best Wishes,

Philip T.


Dear Paul,
Should I think about adding another 500 points to this question?  Do you know what the mechanism for that is?

Hi Phil,

For both the forum & the points, they seem fine to me.

As I mentioned, I save a Word 2010 (similar to 2007) document in pdf, and the links to the footnotes did NOT transform to hyperlinks.

Also, I saved the same Word 2010 document in html document, and the footnotes DID transform to hyperlinks.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with Adobe Pro to say with certainty that saving an html document with Adobe Pro WILL produce a pdf document with hyperlinks!