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My brother has a PC that will not access the Internet via Mozilla. It will access via IE but it gets error messages. The PC connects to the network via a wireless connection. He has a laptop that that also connects wirelessly and it works fine on the same network. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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What is the error message? What OS and which version of each browser are being used?


No, and I do apologize... I don't remember the exact error message; I just know that was not it. I'm going over there in the morning to take another look at it.

i suggest you to check the internet connection first, type "ping" in command prompt and see if there's any reply. then we can focus wether it's internet connection problem or browser problem.
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check the proxy settings on firefox under tolls, or edit ->then preferences -> advanced ->network.

make sure that the proxy settings are the same as IE (tools->Internet options->connection->lan setting)

Also, make sure that the Laptop actually has an Internet connection, by pinging or something from the command prompt.
(Click Start->run->type 'CMD', and click on OK)
Type "ping"
You should get output that says "Reply From 'some random google ip' "
Also try pinging the default Gateway address.
You can find the default Gateway but typing "ipconfig"  in the command prompt.

If it all works, but you can still not connect with firefox, then you make want to uninstall it, and reinstall. Or try installing Google Chrome, and see if that works.

Also check for software firewall that may be blocking Firefox but whitelisting Internet Explorer.
It ended up being the Router connection, even though I could get on the Internet with Mozilla and not IE.
Thanks for everyone's help.


It was the router and not the computer

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