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Hi experts,

This should be a rather easy one. When you see:

It's securing tcp port 5000. Is it using two ports, 443 and 5000?  
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Whether port 443 is secure or not is independent of the url you show above.

Assuming someone has actually set up SSL according to the url you listed, then all you can say for sure is that port 5000 is secure.  

Port 443 may also be set up securely, since they may have set up both 443 and 5000 to point to the same place. Or port 443 may have a completely different app running on that port.  Or port 443 may not be set up at all.  No way to tell from the url supplied.

The only way to know all the details for sure is to check the web server.

Hope this helps.
if you were connecting to a non ssl port you should get an error

you are only using port 5000
port 443 may or may not be open
The address says that your http client must connect to ip address on port 5000 using the https protocol.
port 443 is the default port for https, but is only used if the port is not specified, as it is in the above URL.

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