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Copy a cell from one sheet to another based on the sheet name equaling a cell

Hi eveyone,

Probably an easy one for you.

I have a spreadsheet with 113 worksheets. One of those worksheets (being sheet 1) is a sheet that is to collate data from one cell in every other worksheet. Every sheet (except sheet 1) is named very differently, specificly people names.

What I'm after is... in sheet 1, I would like to copy the contents of one cell in one of the other 112 sheets to sheet 1. BUT the formula must be the same in evey cell in sheet 1!

In sheet 1 I have every persons name listed, from A5:A115. So I want to compare the name in column A with the sheet name and if it = TRUE then copy the contents of a specific cell.

So Im hoping one of you gurus can help me with some formula magic!!

Hope that makes sense...


Last Name | First Name | Total
Smith     | John       | $250.00 \
Anderson  | Jane       | $75.00  /  Formulas must be the same

--Smith, John-- '(aka Sheet2)
Total     |
$250.00   |

--Anderson, Jane-- '(aka sheet3)
Total     |
$75.00    |

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What can I say but AWESOME, works perfectly!

Thanks a million!
AWESOME! So clean and simple! :)
you're welcome !