SQL 2008 Spatial Index Optomization

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I have a Database of points(x,y) coordinates.

The application queries the database and returns an average of 30 000 points in each query.

What is the optimal spatial index setup. I am reffering to the Grid Tesseleation settings and number of tiles per object etc.

Thank you.

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When a spatial index is created, it first performs the refactoring of space. It then performs a tessellation process, whereby it fits the space represented by the data into the previously created grid hierarchy without gaps or overlaps.

The covering rule       If an object completely covers a cell and overlaps into other cells then the cell is recorded in the index and no other attempt is made to maneuver other objects against that cell
The cells-per-object rule       A limit on the number of objects that tessellation can occur with in a given cell. This limitation is enforced in all levels except for Level One and can be customized when creating the index (the maximum values is 8192)
The deepest-cell rule       This rule takes advantage of the hierarchical model mentioned earlier by recording only the information required in the deepest cell

Reference: http://www.mssqltips.com/tip.asp?tip=1976

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