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Enabling Oracle Client Side Logging 11g r1

jaLouden used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,

have a two fold question.

How can you enable verbose logging on a Oracle Client? I would like to track all traffic from a server. It will be in a controlled single user envirionment

Secondly, I'm trying to find out what is causing one of our applications to randomly throw an error with the error details "Oracle Client and Network Compoents were not found". As we can not recreate the problem on demand it is very hard to chase down. Is there another more efficient way of trouble shooting this from a oracle point of view?

We are doing the std windows trouble shoot, just need assistance with the oracle side of this


windows 2008 r2 (64)
Elderly VB application
Oracle Client 32bit

AIX 6.1
Oracle 11g r1

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Oracle Client and Network Compoents were not found error:
Do you have SQL Agent installed on the same machine?
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hi jaLouden,
- first of all, these question should be ask separately as it is 2 different question. this will allow more expert on those issue to assist you better. see the question tips: http://www.experts-exchange.com/questionTips.jsp

- for the components error, there are few suggestion to solve the problem in "How To Troubleshoot an ASP-to-Oracle Connectivity Problem" documentation. i understand that yours is VB application, i believe the method can also applied to both VB and ASP: