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Hi, I'm using MS Excel 2010. I would like to have a workbook with 2 Tabs (Tab1 and Tab2). Tab1 contains 10 columns. Tab2 only has column 1, 3 and 5 (the exact same data as in Tab1). I would also like to be able to add data to a cell of column1, 3 or 5 in Tab1 and have it update in Tab2.

Thus, if I added data to a new cell in (Tab1, Column3), I would like to see it available when I switch to Tab2.

How would I link my columns (i.e. column 1, 3 and 5) from Tab1 to Tab2?

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That is fairly easy if you take these steps :

open tab2
select cell A1
enter the value "=Tab1!A1" (without the quotes !)
you will see the contents of cell A1 residing in Tab1 made visible in tab2.
Whenever you update cell A1 in tab1, it will automatically be updated in tab2 as well.
When you are happy with the way it works, you can apply this formula to the rest of the column by selecting the A1 cell in tab2 and dragging the black dot at the bottom-right side of the cell all the way down.

check this file


Got there anyway to avoid the Zeros on Tab2, where the cells in Tab1 are empty?

Right now I have something like this"

Tab1                   Tab2
12                       12
                           0                  <------------
133                     133
25                       25
                           0                  <------------
11                       11

I'd like to avoid the zeros if possible.

You can change the formula


to :



Hi Akoster, thanks...I also concluded that an IF statement would be the way to go with this.

=IF('Tab1'!A1="","", 'Tab1'!A1)

Thanks for your suggestion!!!



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