Can't find IP address for Access Point DWL-7100AP

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I can't find IP address for Access Point DWL-7100AP , it working but I want to change name and enable wep crypt. The default IP address should be

How can I find it?

The router IP is

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Try downloading and running the Angry IP Scanner:

Then scan the network (from to It will return which hosts are alive and, if it can, hostname, etc. Your best bet is probably to search for hosts with port 80 or 443 open and see the results. If it's a relatively small network, you should hve no problem.
If the AP is not on the network, you will have to reset and reconfigure it. If its configuration is very simple, you may lose less time this way.
in workstation, change address to mask and try to connect to
Yes, that may be worth a try, but change type workstation IP to (not .1.2).
You can use CCgetMAC program if you know ethernet MAC address of AP, you can scan a range for MAC address and you can find it easy.

Sorry, change address to


I find the AP when I changed the IP address to, it try the program Angry IP Scanner, but it couldnt find the AP!
Sorry, couldn't understand. Did you find out the IP address?

Again, if the configuration is very simple, it may be less time-consuming to just reset the AP and reconfigure.


Yes I find the IP address, it was the default, but Angry IP Scanner couldn't find it and the browser couldn't connect the IP address either.

Bu if I change address on the workstation to mask and try to connect to, it could connect.

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