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Hi There,

Our Company rans on a hosted exchange from our ISP, now we would like a company website. The Company that hosts our exchange does not host websites so we've had to find another to do the hosting. Now We've found another company to host our website. Just wanting to find out the company that hosts our hosted exchange, hosts it as Now we would like the other company that is to host our website to host our website as Is there any way of doing it without interferring with the mx records or having to change it. Our last resort is to buy a separette domain for the Hosting.

Thanks In Advance.
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you need to speak to whoever is hosting your domain - ie the DNS records.
they will be able to create an A record for and point it to the web provider. without upsetting your email
It will somewhat depend on the hosting company.  One of my clients had mail hosted one place and web hosting in another place.  Since the web hosting company offered free email, it turned out that the web hosting company's set up assumed that everyone was using their email.  So periodically, the web hosting company would do maintenance, part of which was to run scripts which would set my client's mx records to point to them instead of some other IP address.  

This went on every 3 to 6 months, and every time my client would notice that his email wasn't working.  So he would call the company hosting his email and come to find out that the mx records had been reset to point to the website hosting company instead of the email ISP.  Then he would call the web hosting company and have to convince them that they had in effect yanked away the mx records.  And until there was a track record of about 5 of these support incidents, he couldn't even get anyone there to look into the reason the records where being re-set.  Nobody at their place knew  this was happening, and even after they figured it out, they weren't willing/able to change their code to avoid this issue for this non-standard customer.

Long story short, the client came to me and now his website is on my server and I also manage his mx records to ensure they stay pointed in the right place.  For now, since his email is paid up a year in advance, his email will continue to stay remotely, but there is a good chance I will get his email business in the future as well.

To avoid this, another option would be to set all your DNS records, including your mx records, at your registrar, so nether hosting company has access to them.  However, I am not sure all registrars offer that kind of service.  But as you asked about whether you can assume you can leave the DNS records untouched, and since setting the records at the registrar would also require a change, I won't get into that.

So in brief, the answer is, whether having the records split up will work or not depends a lot on your hosting services.  And the support staff you speak with on the phone may think it will work, and they may be willing to help you set up your mx records correctly.  But the support staff may not be in the loop when it comes to whether their environment will truly support something like that or not.

Sorry for the length, but I hope it helps.


Thanks wolfcamel, i will give then a call and see.


ee reach: Thanks thats exactly what i dont want happening.

Thanks for the answers Guys.

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