emptying deleted items folder

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-in outlook, if I emprty the Deleted items folder, can I recover them from recover deleted items
-if I hard deleted , like Shift+Delete, can I still recover them the same way?

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if you are running exchange you can go to tools recover deleted items on the outlook client.
make sure you are currently on the folder that last contained the messages.
ie the deleted items folder - if you emptied it
or the normal folder if you pressed shift-Del
You can set the retention time for "recover deleted items" in the options on the exchange server.
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we use exchange email server with retention of 30 days.
-if I understand when emptying the Deleted items folder, we still can find them in the recovery deleted items options. correct?
if we select all items in Deleted items folder and we HARD DELETE them, are we going to be able to find them when we go to Recovery Deleted items??

hard delete from deleted items..they will still be there for recover deleted items



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