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Exchange 2003 offline defragmentation

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs used Ask the Experts™

We have been having problems with backing up our exchange database using backup exec, which keeps saying its corrupt.
It was advised that an offline defrag was recommended to resolve this error, as such we started it on Friday evening and the temp database was set to the larger partition (F Drive)

the defrag itself completed 100% but the move pf the temp database back to E hasn't started yet.

the priv1.edb is 53,677.064 in size in the live location, the priv1.stm is 32,002,.056 in size in the live location.

In the temp area, the sizes are:
tempdb.edb is 53,677.064 in size and the stm file is 24,332.296 in size.

WHat should I do? bearing in mind, our backups of exchange haven't been successful as backup exec has been saying its a corrupt file?
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Can i cancel the process, and use the temp DB files as my live files?
SteveIT Manager

Has the process completed ?

have you checked the integrity of the database structure?
eseutil /g


the process of the defrag had completed, what didn't happen was the move of the temp db back to the original location.
I have now renamed the tempdb files to priv1.edb and stm respectively.
how can i mount the files in the temp location without copying them over ther original location?
SteveIT Manager

When i last did one i renamed the originals and placed the newly defragged files in their original places then restarted the services..
to be honest i would be a bit concerned that not everything may have finished as the actual *.edb file is still EXACTLY the same size...

Have you checked for errors in the event viewer under application logs?


hi sqsm81, my concern here is the files are quite large, so this process may take some time if not all day.

confucious2 - when trying to mount, the error relates to the fact the defrsag didn't finish and needs to copy the temp files back to the original location.

is there no way, i can mount these files from the temp location, or do i need to wait?
on a seperate note, if i was to create a recovery storage group, and mount a new DB, am i able to start to receive new emails?
to create a new db is madness, the best is to restore the original so you can receive again, then whilst you have the day, do eseutil /g, then eseutil /d
Thanks for the assistance, i found a MS KB article about moving the database manually using ADSI Edit.
After altered the information using the following article
This allowed the temp files, once they had been renamed to priv1.edb and stm respectively, to mount.
Mail is now flowing.


resolved the issue.