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I need tocreate an XP style combobox in a DLL, without MFC.

First I tried to do it with manifest in exe (in Visual VC6), and I followed all the instructions in the MSDN but it didn't work.

The problemthat even if it will work, I think that it only rlated to resource controls.
I build the control with CreateWindowEx(0,"COMBOBOX",..) so I am not sure if it is related to it.

Or,maybe there is a more direct way (without the manifest) to do it via CreateWindowEx...
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I believe that you need to hook into the UxTheme.dll, but I haven't done that with C++.  Here is a managed C++.NET proof-of-concept, but you would need to find an unmanaged equivalent.

A Managed C++ Wrapper Around the Windows XP Theme API
I found out how to do it.

1.add this define BEFORE the #include <windows.h>


2. Set the manifest in Properties->Linker->Manifest File

3. Compile in Visual Studio (not in VC6).


I solved it.

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