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Open dotx online, without editing template

scifo_dk used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,

I have a dotx document, which of cause opens up a new template when you double-click it.

However, if I put the file on in a sharepoint library, and link to it, the users who click the link, will always edit the template, instead of opening a new instance of the template as docx.

I've seen this done before, but how can I achive this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Did you specify your dotx docuemnt to be the template for your contenttypes/document library? Or did you only upload the .dotx file?


I just uploaded it, it is placed in a document library that contains other documents aswell.

Also, it's only ment to be used like this:
1. Open new.
2. Fill out
3. Print and perhaps send as e-mail.
4. Close (It may not be saved in the sharepoint library)
Ok, if you your template to be the template for the document library then have a look at the following article: