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How to close crystal report object? PLS HELP

Public Sub ShowReport(ByVal OrderNo)
            Dim theReport As New ReportDocument
            theReport.FileName = "C:\Results.rpt"
            theReport.SetParameterValue("@orderno", OrderNo)
            CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = theReport
            CrystalReportViewer1.Visible = True
        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("An Error Occurred: " & ex.ToString())      
        End Try

I call the above code from another form as Rep.show(parameters) in a loop;
for loop
end for

I want to know how should i close and dispose the report object ie, theReport.
As i get an error as below
"The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your
system administrator has been reached.How I can Solve this
problem when i using crystal report to load from my
in google its suggested to close the report object. But when i give the thereport.close and thereport.dispose it gives an error  like "Pure Virtual Function Call"
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Vikram Singh Saini

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Vikram Singh Saini

Sorry! Didn't read your last paragraph. For that problem you can click http://geekswithblogs.net/technetbytes/archive/2007/07/17/114008.aspx
Nasir Razzaq

Are you doing something else in the loop as well? If not, showing multiple reports in same viewer within a loop does not make sense. Are you printing the reports? If so then use the PrintToPrinter method directly without showing the report


yes code cruiser i am not using the crystal report. i do direct printing in the loop. just for checking i use the crystal report viewer. even if i give directly i get the above same error if there are more than 1 report to print in the loop. i need to know how should i close /dispose the report object after each print
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Nasir Razzaq

Try setting the reportobject to Nothing. Then every so often, call the GC.Collect()


Dim Temp As Integer
For i as integer ...
   Temp += 1
   ReportDoc = Nothing
   If Temp = 10 Then
      Temp = 0
   End If
Mike McCracken

How many reports are you trying to open?
There are limits set in Crystal to the number of open connections.  That number is affected by how the report is built as I believe subreports count as a connection.

What other code are you using since the subreport ending should close the opened report document and you haven't really done anything with it other than show it in the viewer.


it doesnt have any subreports. There can be more than 30 reports to print in the loop. its chosen by the user. I want to know where should i call this dispose and close method. Is it in the calling form or on the report printing form. If i dispose it in the report printing form and selects only one value, ie the loop executes only once then there isnt any error. But if selects more than one, then i get  error : object not set to an instance of the object.
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Nasir Razzaq

Show us the code from the form that is printing and the code that is calling it.
Mike McCracken

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i used the
to solve the issue
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William Peck
Mike McCracken

Asker has provided the answer.

The answer is basically the code provide by vs00saini in the first comment


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Accepted Answer - vs00saini  https://www.experts-exchange.com/Database/Reporting_/Crystal_Reports/Q_27243619.html?cid=1572#a36327679


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