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I have a server (Windows 2008 ) with two nic cards, connecting to two networks and when i try to ping an ip on i get a reply saying destination is unreachable but the gate way is that of If i disable one of the nics i can ping the respective network without any problems.

How can i make both work simultaneously an the same time with traffic on the .1 use its gateway and on the .2 use its gateway??
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Have you installed the role Network policy and Access Service and the role service Routing?
That's the way to enable routing on a host.
You need to choose which network will require the least amount of static routing and then remove the gateway from that NIC. Then add a persistant static route for that network. All traffic will go to the gateway unless it matches the route. For example, assuming the gateway for is

route add mask -p


Should i give it a metric of 1?
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I would only suggest adding the RRAS role if other network clients/servers will be routing through this host. But yes, if you want it to route between those networks then RRAS is the way to go. If you just for it to route it's own traffic correctly then use static routes.
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As far as I know there is no option of using 2 default-gateways simultaneously. You will have to remove gateway on  one of the NICs and add routes instead.

The metric will only be used if two routes match, then the lowest metric route will win. You can metric it however you want but a metric of 10 will give you scope to add alternative routes higher and lower.
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Please post result of "route print" and ipconfig /all
both gateways should be added with different manually set priority, if that does not work, Routing services will be required and static routes should be set
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you can add two static routes with gateway .1.0 and .2.0 with Interface parameter and delete the gateway from nic settings.

Post route print and ipconfig /all commands here.

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