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I am trying to configure CME to call 3 sites. For example, Site A phone number is 1238001, Site B 2652000 and Site C is 12380011

i have set up dial peers for each site using the following destination patterns

Site A - 1238...$
Site B - 2652...$
Site C - 1238....$

However when Site B calls 12380011, site A 1238001 rings instead.

How do you configure CME so that it doesnt truncate the digits?
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If those are your real destination patterns then that is the problem.  You have an overlapping dial plan.  So what you are telling CME is that when you dial 1238 take the next 3 digits and contact site A.  Site C will never become an option since it begins with 1238 as well.  

Either change the extensions of either Site or you will need to alter your dial plan by configuring a "site code" for each site. An example is for you to dial a 1 + extension for Site A. Site B would be a 2 + extension and site C will be a 3+ extension.


is there a possible way to use translation rules to route the calling numbers?
you could, but in my opinion it would be better to just use a site code this way:

dial-peer voice 1000 pots
       destination-pattern 11238...$
       forward-digit 7
       port 0/0/1

dial-peer voice 3000 pots
       destination-pattern 31238....$
       forward-digit 8
       port 0/0/1

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