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Hi Guys,

We have an ADSL account with our SP, and it comes with 5 Static IPs.
Now what could i use these static ips for and how do i set them UP.
Our SP hosts our website and emails already.

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It depends on your moderm, possible to select the protocol TCP / IP
You could use the IPs to host different services, but as your ISP hosts web and mail already you need to let us know what other services you want to provide.

You could assign these IPs to any equipment you want to have a publicly available address.
Ernie BeekSenior infrastructure engineer
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What hardware do you have (modem/router/firewall) and what do you want to use the IP'a for?


We've got a linux firewall, ADSL Billion router. Nothing Fancy.

The endjinn: How would i get equipment publically available? Would i have to get a second NIC for the device then configure the firewall.

Could we not allocate an IP to VPN? How would i go about doing that and setting it up.
A second NIC for the external then a secure firewall is the way, although mostly people don't bother. They will only assign IPs to routers and/or firewalls then use NAT (Network Address Translation) to forward this traffic internally. Doing this is more likely to be secure and you don't need to worry so much about individual firewalls.

To set up a static IP for VPN you would need to have something capable of being the VPN endpoint (called a gateway) on that IP. Your firewall may have VPN server included but it depends very much on exactly what you have and what you want to achieve.

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