Blackberry MDS_CS Server V4.1.6 - can we also add Attachment Service to it?

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Hi We have separate Attachmment Server and MDS-CS servers for BES4.1.6.

We would like to temporarily consolidate a V4.1.6 BES MDS-CS and add the Attcahment Service to it, so that we can commence upgrade on the original Attachment Server to V5.0.3

(We have other kit dedicated for the BES)

Is there any way of adding the Attachment component on the existing MDS-CS BES or must we de-install MDS-CS and then install as a new BES V4 with MDS-CS and Attachment service from the BES Setup?

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junaidITManager, ICT Services

dl_eeIT Architect


Thanks JunaidIT.

Having trouble downloading the associated document BUT am concerned that this URL talks about V5.0.1 of BES when I wish to achieve the same for BES v4.1.6

Is this applicable to V4.1.6?

I believe the BES 4 installers just install or remove, where as the BES 5 ones allow you to add components.


junaidITManager, ICT Services

Agree with above.  there is only remove and install with the desired components in bes 4.

Text from the admin guide for bes 4.1.6 given below :

Add or remove a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component

Complete this task if you want to add or remove a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server component from a computer that also hosts
other BlackBerry Enterprise Server components.
CAUTION: Before removing the existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server installation, move active user accounts to another
BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
1. Perform one of the following actions to add a component:
• remove the existing installation and reinstall the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with the component
• if supported, install the component on a separate computer

2. Perform one of the following actions to remove a component:
• turn off the service and set its Startup type to Manual
• remove the existing installation and reinstall the BlackBerry Enterprise Server without the component

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