Can I determine the difference between the Click and DblClickevents on the same control?

Clive Beaton
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Can I determine the difference between the Clickand DblClick events on the same control?  I would like to use them to do different things.  

Thanks in advance.
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Umar Topia.Net Full Stack Developer

You can inrease the ClickCount in the CLick Event and check if it is 2 then it is a double click event otherwise it is a single click
I think you will have great difficuty in using both.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
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"Can I determine the difference between the Click and DblClickevents on the same control?"
Not easily.  I've seen a couple of tricks to do this, but I never found them reliable. And ... remember that double click 'speed' can be changed in the Mouse properties in Control Panel.

Controls have both the OnClick and On Dbl Click events.   You can assign macros, code, and expressions on their use.   I have a user that double-clicks invoice amounts to automatically enter invoice amount - retainage in the check amount.  
This seems to work well in my installs   The control fiedl can be a button, text box, etc.
I would encourage the use of the ControlTip Text (in Other or All properties) to offer a constant reminder to the operator of the choices when they hover over the control.
Clive BeatonAccess Developer


You're both right.  Virtually impossible.


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