Pivot table error in Access/Excel

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Hi All, I have a customer who is trying to edit forms from an Access database.

The process tries to open a pivot tabel in Excel, generating the following error message :-

There isn't enough memory to complete the Automation object operation on the Worksheet object

I don't believe that this is a memory error as the customer has 4Gb in the machine, and there are over 640Mb free.  O/S is Windows 7, and the version of Office is 2010, but it was upgraded from 2007 a month or 2 back.  Problem only seems to have appeared since the upgrade (though my customer can't be absolutely sertain that's the case...)

Any help gratefully received...

Thanks, Phil.
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Then compact  and repair the database, and try again.
If that still fails, you could work the other way around:
1. Create a new database

2. Uncheck the boxes under:
Tools | Options | General
Explanation of why:

3. Import everything from the old database:
File | Get External | Import

4. Open a code window, and choose References from the Tools menu.
Remove any references you don't need, and check the box beside:
Microsoft DAO 3.6 Library
More about references:

5. Still in the code window, choose Compile from the Debug menu.

If that still fails, you could see if the converter tool can tell you what's
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