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Hi folks I need to make a website as friendly as possible concerning browser and screen resolution, and I found a site that used someway to re-size the image used on the background depending on the size of the window opened or the screen resolution, but after a little time wondering how to make it I decided to post it here as a question. Any help would be appreciated.

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hi there, what kind of a background image are you planning to use ?

if you will be using a small bg image as a pattern I would recommend using background-repeat:repeat-x/repeat-y/no-repeat/repeat; property of css.

using a resizeable background image wouldn't be very efficient since either you have to have a huge bg image like 400-500 kb (which can dramatically decrease page load speed ) or the resolution of the image would be bad on high res.

still if you are looking to resize the image, you can use .net or php to a page that resizes the image and returns you the response as an image.



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keep in mind that this would cause huge (really huge) amount of cpu usage.
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Are you looking for something like this? 

I've used this and recommended it several times. Great plugin and seems to work very well cross-browser.


Yep, that's it. Cheers!

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