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Hi experts,

I have WAMP installed on one of my PC at my office. and have a small internal web site running on that sucessfully, although it will be very basic things but i neeed guidance on below mentioned points.

How to access myweb page over LAN, provided my all files are placed in one directory. And WAMP is up.

What ports I need to get open for others read only access.

Do I need to get a fixed IP.

Can some remote users FTP files from  their respective locations, what ports I need to get open for them.

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http://computername will bring up your website if it is using port 80
ftp://computername will bring up the ftp server if available (not sure if filezilla  is installed with wamp)

remote users this is a difficulty.. as we are not dealing with router configuration which you may not have access to.. but in a nutshell you have to configure the router to route incoming port 80 traffic to your computer (same with ftp port 21)
You say that you use a PC: which OS do you use? WinXP? Win7? Vista? Linux?  
Chances are that you have a firewall on your PC, and you have to allow port 80 access in your PC firewall.

Your Apache has a default port, probably port 80.  http://computername:80/ is equivalent to http://computername/ (without specifying a port). If this fails to work, you will have to find what is the apache default port in the httpd.conf file which is wherever you installed Apache. Look for the "Listen" directive.

A fixed IP is always good but not mandatory if you have DHCP integrated with you DNS.

For FTP you need FTP service running on the PC.

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crispy solution thanx

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