How can I integrate swt browser into my SWING application?

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How can I integrate SWT browser into my SWING application?
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SWT itself is a GUI library like Swing. And SWT Browser is part of the SWT library. Unlike Swing, SWT is platform specific (ex; Windows).
So, why don't you use SWT for the your GUI development too?
I have given below a raw sample code using SWT only here. Hope this might be useful OR pardon me if you already knew this....

hope this helps!
public static void main(String [] args) { 
            Display display = new Display(); 
		//create a SWT window
            Shell shell = new Shell(display); 
		//create the browser 
            WebKitBrowser browser= new WebKitBrowser(shell, SWT.NONE); 
            browser.setUrl(<home page URL here>); 
            while (!shell.isDisposed()) { 					 
                if (!display.readAndDispatch())

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I already have an application in swing and it will be difficult to translate all in swt now(or it will not?)

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