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I have to create a database that will be used to store data we will be retrieving from a third party. The amount of data being scored will be millions off rows. The main table that will be affected will be fairly small and will contain mainly floats.

This data will be analysed and also used in live applications so speed is important.

To give an idea of the amount of data - the current version of the db has ~35mil line for the last 5 months (this should decrease due to better filtering)

Is mysql a via product for this?

If so can somebody point towards some decent db optimistaion reading material etc?

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Any modern database engine should be okay with this kind of volume, as long as its indexed properly. We have MySQL and MSSQL databases with this kind of volume, and haven't had performance problems with either system. Make sure you're properly indexing the tables based on the columns you're using to filter your results, and if it make sense, consider adding a clustered index if your queries regularly pull large swaths of continuous key values.

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