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I am using the following code to determine if a record exists in table tmpJobs were week = thisweek and CustomerID = thisCustomerID

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Dim thisCompany As Integer
Dim thisweek As Integer
JobCount = DCount("[Week]", "tmpJobs", "[week] =" & thisweek And "[CompanyID]=" & thisCompany)

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I am getting data mismatch.

If I seperate the line into two

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JobCount = DCount("[Week]", "tmpJobs", "[week] =" & thisweek)
NoJobs = DCount("[Week]", "tmpJobs", "[CompanyID]=" & thisCompany)

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this works and JobCount and NoJobs = 1

Why can't I  have them on same line to only count when both criteria are met.

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"[week] =" & thisweek & "And [CompanyID]=" & thisCompany
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"[week] = " & thisweek & " And [CompanyID] = " & thisCompany
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JobCount = DCOUNT("[Week]", "tmpJobs", "[Week] = " & thisweek & " AND [CompanyID] = " & thisCompany)

Not that I have moved the " that was just to the left of [CompanyID] to includ the " AND [CompanyID] = "

JobCount = DCount("[Week]", "tmpJobs", "[week] ='" & thisweek And "'[CompanyID]='" & thisCompany & "'")

JobCount = DCount("[Week]", "tmpJobs", "[week] ='" & thisweek  "' And [CompanyID]='" & thisCompany & "'")


Thanks for quick responses

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