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Restored Exchange 2003, can send e-mail now, but not receiving e-mail...

Greetings experts!

Had a long weekend after two drives failed in a RAID 5 setup on our Exchange server. I used the Acronis Universal Restore tool to restore Exchange to a temporary box. The internal IP address is now different, as Server 2003 wouldn't allow me to assign the same static the previous hardware had, as it still showed that IP address was taken on the network.

I changed my DNS entries on our primary DC, and after repairing the database files via eseutil, was able to get a connection to Exchange via Outlook and OWA. I sent a test message to my Yahoo account, and received it almost immediately. I replied from my Yahoo account, and the message doesn't even show up in the Message Tracking Center.

If I send myself an e-mail from my Outlook to my exchange account, I receive it in OWA just fine, but it doesn't show up in Outlook. Outlook tells me that all folders are current, but obviously I'm not receiving messages in Outlook at all now, and it appears that e-mail from external sources aren't coming in.

For reference, the domain is, the mx records should be pointing to, the actual servername is, and my DNS and WINS entries have been updated on the primary DC.

Do I need to update my settings somewhere for external mail?

Help would be much appreciated, I was pretty excited to see the connection to Exchange restored after working on this issue all weekend, but it's disheartening to see that I'm still not up and running.
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So you can send externally but not receive externally? What about internally? Are you able to send and receive internal emails?
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I can send and receive internally via OWA, but even internally I didn't receive the message I sent myself in Outlook.
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Changes in global DNS servers can take more then one day.
Check current settings with
Are you able to send/receive internal emails in Outlook?
Has you configured your firewall properly to new Exchange IP address?
if the problem is the external DNS, you can test exchage functionality, adding a MX record to your internal DNS that point A record with your Exchange's IP .

How Exchange is published on the external networK? Through Firewall/Router? Have you changed the ip for redirect?
External mails unable send and receive could be several reasons, I hope you didn't change the IP address of the server for locally as well as public. If yes, Needs to be the ptr records from your service provider.

The most important 1 is Annonymous access, You might not have enabled this, I hope this can be resolve if you enable annonymous access since it's required for communicating external mails.
Goraek - I can send e-mails both internally and externally in Outlook, but Outlook isn't receiving messages either internally or externally. OWA is able to send and receive internally, but is only sending externally, I can't receive externally through OWA or Outlook.
Ok, lets fix your external emails.

Because you have changed your internal IP of your server, you will need to allow SMTP traffic port 25 and 443 of your new IP in your firewall.
If you are not using your old IP, I suggest removing or disabling it. Once you have added this, depending on the router you will need to powercycle your device.

After that see if you are able to receive external emails.
Also, I'm not sure if you have recreated your Outlook profile, it may not matter but I suggest recreating your Outlook profile since you have created a new exchange server with a different IP.
MXToolbox results - We're using Sterling as our provider of spam filtering, this is the result I get using the SMTP test...

smtp:       Monitor This         smtp SMTP Welcome to smtpf #633 (n775FN293071840300)Copyright 2006, 2010 by SnertSoft. All rights reserved.

 OK - resolves to
 OK - Reverse DNS matches SMTP Banner
 0 seconds - Good on Connection time
Not an open relay.
 4.134 seconds - Good on Transaction time

Session Transcript:
250 Hello [] #256 (n775FN293071840300) [1045 ms]
250 2.1.0 sender <> accepted #283 (n775FN293071840300) [1310 ms]
550 5.7.1 recipient <> relaying denied #288 (n775FN293071840300) [577 ms]
221 2.0.0 closing connection #247 (n775FN293071840300) [78 ms]
reverse lookup      smtp diag      port scan      blacklist

Reported by on Monday, August 08, 2011 at 7:15:02 AM (GMT-5)  (History)                mx  

Pref      Hostname      IP Address      TTL            
10      2 hrs      SMTP Test      Blacklist Check

Drashiel - We have an ASA5510, can you give me a reference on how to check the forwarding on this device? I've never setup port forwarding, I've only done P2P VPN tunnel setups.

MinoDC - I'm not sure how Exchange is published externally. I haven't changed anything for the external settings at all, so I'm guessing that's part of the problem. But does it explain why Outlook can't receive internal e-mails even? I entered an MX record for my internal DNS on our primary DC already, not sure if this answers your clarifying questions.

Radhakrishnan2007 - What do you mean the ptr records for my service provider? Internally, I confirmed that all of my dns entries are correct, including ptr records. Externally I haven't changed anything. Where would I enable anonymous access?
What is your default gateway?
Try telnet defaultgatewayIP and see if you get a logon, otherwise try putting the default gateway IP in IE or firefox.
Let us know what you get then.
How external mail is coming to your server? is pushing mail to your server or you are pulling it from
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Ensure that you are able to telnet to your mail server:

telnet mailserverIP 25 externally and internally.
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In Exchange System Manager, expand Servers, expand <your inbound Exchange server>, expand Protocols, and then expand SMTP.

Right-click your inbound SMTP virtual server, and then click Properties.

Click the Access tab, and then click Authentication.

In Authentication, Anonymous Access check box
Goraek - Trying to change the rules on the firewall, having a problem doing it. Getting the following error (I've changed the entries in my security policy, but this is for NAT settings) "This new static rule cannot be configured, as it overlaps with an existing static rule: static address translation for inside:(old internal IP) using address (external IP) on interface outside port mapping TCP 25 to 25"
als315 - Currently trying to uninstall the old adapters in the device manager, I'm not sure if the system has hung or if it's just taking a very long time to remove, still sitting at the Confirm Device Removal screen with an hourglass.

I agree with your assessment, that if I can get the system to use the previous IP address, things should be better in the long run.
Okay - I removed the old network adapter that was hidden following als315's reply. I changed the local DNS entries back on my primary DC, and the test messages from my Yahoo account are now received via OWA. Outlook still hasn't received any e-mails, but it is connected to Exchange, and I can send still just fine.

Are there any options to try prior to creating a new Outlook profile? I'd hate to think that was the only solution that's going to work for the 80+ users on my network.
Update - On a secondary system I logged into Outlook and was able to retrieve all of the messages just fine, barring the messages I received on Friday (my backup was from Thursday night) that were still in my local Outlook profile on my primary system. So it appears to be up and running.

Is there a way to force DNS updates across the network? Is there a simple way to recreate outlook profiles across the network for multiple users?
I guess one of my other concerns is - is there a way to save the messages that people received on Friday in Outlook and still recreate their profiles to allow the updated settings to kick in? Or is my only  option to just forward messages from Friday to those users?
How are stored messages in your Outlook? In pst files? It will not be removed. You can only change server address (if it is IP address or wait a little -  ipconfig /flushdns can help)
The temporary system is much slower than the server hardware, but it appears that everything is working. Thank you so much for your expertise!
You are welcome