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Pop-up appearing when cell reaches a certain value

I'm working in Excel 2003 on a workbook I've been given. When I alter some cell values I get a pop-up window containing a message and "Yes/No/Cancel" option buttons. I think it's triggered by a calculated cell Y4 exceeding a certain value. However I've looked in the macros and the VB editor and can't find any VB that gives this action. Can you please help me find it?
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Can you provide us with the sheet?
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Check the code modules for the Sheet name that you are working on. Look for code that is an On Change event.
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search virus infection
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I can extract the sheet perhaps and upload it - the full workbook is confidential unfortunately,

In the VB editor, I can see the workbook which has a folder Microsoft Excel Objects, which contains all the sheets and one "This workbook". None of these have and code in the right hand window when I click them. There are no modules for this workbook.

It's not a virus, the message in the box is consistent with the job the orkbook was designed for.
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If you could extract the sheet and save it locally, then see if the functionality is there (ie the popup happens), if so post it here.

If not, maybe take copies of the original and keep deleting bits until the popup stops.  That may point to where it is coming from.
I found the cause before the experts - doesn't often happen!