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As an MCSE 2000, I was looking for doing Microsoft exams so I could go for MCSE 2008.

Apparently everything has changed now. It's not MCSE but there are about 7 options now:

Looks really fuzzy to me. Wouldn't know directly which certificate would be value for money to bet on/the most valuable in industrie. Thanks for your input.

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The new equivalent of MCSE for 2008 and above tech is now MCITP, you can do this to either Server Administrator level or to Enterprise Administrator level. Strictly Enterprise Admin is more in line with MCSE with Server Admin more in line with MCSA.
On your way to MCITP you would do a few exams making you at MCTS level, then the others are MCITP specific.

MCTS -> MCITP:Server Admin -> MCITP:Enterprise Admin -> MCM -> MCA
Not everyone is aware of this however so convincing an employer, who mostly want MCSE, that it doesn't exist for newer tech may not work as well as someone who already has MCSE and is upgrading it to latest knowledge as they can still use the MCSE qualification which still carries most weight I'm afraid.


Ok, so similar to MCSE: I have to choose from some exams at MCTS-level to have the MCITP certificate for 2008?
Somebody did the exams? You know the site where the overview is/choose the exams?
The one you initially posted had the overviews but specifically for MCITP see here

As with all MS stuff you will need to take exams through Prometric.

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