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Run Time Error "Cleaner SP does not exist"

ict-torquilclark used Ask the Experts™
I am using ADODB>Recordset to add a new record to a SQL table and am getting the error in the title when executing rs.update

Can anybody see what i am doing wrong?
Dim CheckInfo As Boolean
    CheckInfo = True

    If comboboxLeadSource.Text = "" Then
        comboboxLeadSource.BackColor = &H80FFFF
        CheckInfo = False
    End If
    If textboxRetirementDate.Text = "__/__/____" Then
    If checkboxAlreadyRetired.Value = Unchecked Then
        textboxRetirementDate.BackColor = &H80FFFF
        CheckInfo = False
    End If
    End If
    If textboxDOB.Text = "__/__/____" Then
        textboxDOB.BackColor = &H80FFFF
        CheckInfo = False
    End If
    If textboxPhoneNumber.Text = "" Then
        textboxPhoneNumber.BackColor = &H80FFFF
        CheckInfo = False
    End If
    If CheckInfo = False Then
        MsgBox ("Please ensure all required fields are entered")
        Exit Sub
    End If
    Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
    Dim rs2 As New ADODB.Recordset
    Dim sqlstr As String
    sqlstr = "SELECT TOP 1 * FROM WebEnquiries WHERE WebEnquiryID = 0"
    rs.Open sqlstr, SQLCnn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
    sqlstr = "SELECT SourceID FROM Sources WHERE SourceLiteral = '" & comboboxLeadSource.Text & "'"
    rs2.Open sqlstr, SQLCnn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
    If rs2.RecordCount > 0 Then
        rs.Fields("SourceID").Value = rs2.Fields("SourceID").Value
        MsgBox ("Unable to Find Selected LeadSource")
    End If
    rs.Fields("SourcePrefix").Value = "Ann"
    rs.Fields("ID").Value = Int(Rnd)
    If radiobuttonMale.Value = True Then
        rs.Fields("Sex").Value = "M"
        rs.Fields("Sex").Value = "F"
    End If
    rs.Fields("Title").Value = textboxTitle.Text
    rs.Fields("Initials").Value = textboxInitials.Text
    rs.Fields("Surname").Value = textboxSurname.Text
    rs.Fields("Address1").Value = textboxAddress1.Text
    rs.Fields("Address2").Value = textboxAddress2.Text
    rs.Fields("Address3").Value = textboxAddress3.Text
    rs.Fields("PostCode").Value = textboxPostCode.Text
    If textboxRetirementDate.Visible = True Then
        rs.Fields("RetirementDate").Value = textboxRetirementDate.Text
        rs.Fields("RetirementDate").Value = Now
    End If
    rs.Fields("DOB").Value = textboxDOB.Text
    rs.Fields("daytime_telephone").Value = textboxPhoneNumber.Text
    rs.Fields("Email").Value = textboxEmailAddress.Text
    rs.Fields("CoverType1").Value = "Annuity"

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From the error it looks like an SP called "Cleaner" is trying to be run somewhere but does not exist.

Do you have triggers or anything on your database that would be executing when you run an update?  Or some other code that could be calling the "Cleaner" SP somehow on the database side?

brad2575 is correct

Cleaner SP does not exist  is not any built in error message
this is something this object is not exists in database
check is there any triggers on WebEnquiries table