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Hi There,

I just wondered what others use in this scenario for end users that want just one global shared calendar that they use and view in Their Outlook client?
Currently I have a shared calendar setup within a Public folder but you have to add it to favourites in Outlook before you can drag and drop it into calendar within Outlook which isn't a pain a such but not always convinced it's right as some users say it doesn't always update properly apparently. And shows in some Outlooks as SHARED DIARY IN PUBLIC FOLDERS and others show it just as SHARED DIARY. But I know it's been added the same i.e. added to favourites within outlook and just dragged and dropped etc.

Also one user will be working on the shared diary as they call it! And they will be colour coding appointments etc and that also doesn't reflect round to everyone else's outlook when they view it? They can see the appointment entry but not the colour that the other user changed it to? They are all using Outlook 2007 and their server is SBS 2008. Just wanted to see if there was a better practice way of doing this such as just making a shared diary user in AD etc? Would this achieve anything better though?

Many Thanks in advance
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There are two ways of accomplishing this, create a shared diary account in active directory, then create a new user mailbox in Exchange, right click the mailbox "Manage Full Access Permissions" add all users who need access to the mailbox. (This method requires that you use one of your CALs) Then add the calendar in Outlook as a shared calendar.

The second way would be to create a resource mailbox, and grant the same full access permissions to all users, then add the calendar in Outlook as a shared calendar.


many thanks what about Outlook maintaining colour coded appointments?

Is the public folders way I've been doing this not really a proper method for creating a shared calendar then?

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