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I'll be running my pc only as a guest OS for my VMWare machines. Once and a while I might also look a movie on it.

Now, I'm running Windows 7 64 BIT, I don't like going into reinstalling it with WIndows 7 lite (there is software for that) but still would like to eliminate all unnecessary running services and make it to let perform my vm's as good as possible while they are running. Furthermore I would like to make Windows 7 stable and prevent as many reboots as possible.

What could there be done to give Windows 7 a boost, make it run stable and prevent reboots (Windows update, I'll disable and do updates when necessary).

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I might dual boot Windows 7 and 2008 Hyper-v? ...
First if that windows as been install by DELL, HP, Acer, etc. Un install all software installed by them. Use VLC to watch your movie and uninstall all codec pack you have install. (You dont need them with VLC)

And then follow the instruction on that site.
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You will typically find that Windows 7 is very stable to begin with.  If you still want to delve into addtional adjustments, the Black Viper web page is fairly renowned for in-depth Windows configurations:

Additionally, if you want to leave your Windows Updates enabled you can configure a Group Policy that will prevent automatic reboots if someone is already logged into the machine once they are installed:

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update
Enable - "No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations"

...or, this registry update accomplishes the same thing:


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