Sharepoint 2010 restore issue

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My intension was to restore a previous backup of our sharepoint site to a temp server with a temp sql server from a farm backup.

After running the restore stsadm command, i noticed the backup had restored over our live farm instead of restoring to the temp server.

I have cancelled the restore. Any ideas on how I can fix my live site? My nightly backups are not due to run for a few more hours, so I am about to lose everything that was changed today.
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What do you mean with cancelled the restore? You say that it has restored over your live farm. Anyway, you cannot revert an stsadm -o restore operation... As far as I know, the safest and most clean solution will be to restore your backup. You will lose today's changes.


Is there something I could do in SQL? perhaps retrieve from transaction logs?
You could restore a previous transaction log if you scheduled transaction log backups. I define transaction log backups every hour so that I can only lose a maximum of one hour of work/changes.

Is your database in a full recovery model? If it was and if you take transaction log backups, then you can restore the database to a specific point in time.

You will need:
- the latest full backup
- all the transaction log backups (since the latest full backup)

If your database was in the Simple recovery model during your stsadm restore operation, you can no longer restore.
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I dont have the transaction log backups turned on.
However it did let me restore to last week via database backup.
Any other possibilities?
A database uses an .MDF and a .LDF, the latter is the transaction log. If you restore a database it overwrites the database files on disk (including the transaction log) so you are not able to recover anything from there anymore.

If that is the last full backup you have (and if you have no differential/transaction log backups after that), I'm sorry to say that you cannot recover any more data.


Much appreciated everyone. Thanks anyway.


The DB's are hosted on an Equallogic LUN.
If snapshots are turned off on this LUN, is it possible to retrieve a previous version?
If snapshots are turned off, you cannot revert to a previous point in time.
The restore probably replaced the physical blocks on the LUN so in contrary to a deletion, you will not be able to use third-party tools to recover the database.

Did you take regular backups of the LUN? If you have a backup of the LUN , you might be able to see if the database files are included in that backup. If not, again, you are not able to recover the data.

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